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Welcome to KT Reformer Pilates Instructor Course.

Elevate Your Career: Become a Certified Reformer Pilates Instructor with KT Health & Wellness!

Welcome to KT Health & Wellness, where expertise meets a passion for nurturing aspiring instructors. For over two decades, we’ve honed our craft in the health industry, and now, we’re here to guide you through a transformative journey.

We run an online Reformer Instructor Training Course that will guide you through the theory and practical skills needed to become an exceptional Reformer Pilates Instructor. Whether you have experience teaching fitness or are after a new life skill in an area you’re passionate about, you’re a former dancer, a Pilates enthusiast seeking advancement, or a multitasking mom ready for a career shift, our course is tailored to sculpt your success in the Pilates industry.

Join us for a comprehensive program that combines fun and expertise. Learn the art and science of Pilates instruction from the comfort of your own home or studio environment, at your own pace, setting the stage for a fulfilling and impactful career.

Start Your Journey – Enroll Now and Save $1000 on Your Certification!

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4 modules detailing everything you need to become a Reformer Pilates Instructor.

Section 1:

Is an intro to KT Health and our style of Reformer Pilates. It will take you through our aims, objectives and overview. It will also take you through our expectations of you and your expectations of us. It will also describe for you how KT honours the traditional Pilates Method and our KT variation and style. You will also learn about layering exercises, stacking workouts, the key to pre cuing and maximising setup positions, incorporation of props within your class plan and how to create class intensity. It will introduce you to class structure and the difference between beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Creativity, Rhythm, and class structure are also discussed as is our 8 points of teaching foundation, as is language, neutral spine and our key setup positions. It finishes with posture, language and how to maximise the client experience.

We also discuss the reformer, Pilates fundamentals and muscular strength endurance. We finish with a spring chart for all exercises and some props you may use.

During section 1, it is important that you start to log your pilates hours participating in classes and discuss with your home studio the use of their reformers and a potential shadow teaching opportunity. This gives the studio time to consider your request and you should mention that you are studying to be a pilates reformer instructor and could potentially teach with them at the end of your studies. If you do not have access to a pilates studio straight away, you can purchase a reformer online to practice with and master the exercise repertoire.

Section 2:

Is where you start to learn all the fundamentals of pilates. It is broken up into 13 modules.

They include:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Professional Practice and Personal Career Development
  • Supporting and Educating the Client
  • providing Customer Service
  • Adaptations, Modification and Contraindications for Specific Populations
  • Health, Safety & Welfare
  • Principles for Exercise and Programming for Pilates
  • Principles, Fundamentals, Philosophy and origins of Pilates
  • Collect & Analyse Relevant Information & Agree on Goals with Pilates Clients
  • Assessing the Pilates Client
  • Plan & Design a Reformer Based Pilates Program
  • Prepare to Instruct Reformer Based Pilates Sessions
  • Teach, Adapt, Modify & Progress Reformer Based Pilates Exercises.

Each of these modules has a theory component and then a multiple choice OR true/false examination at the end.

Don’t rush through this section as it will provide the fundamentals for creating the ideal pilates atmosphere and provide a foundation for your instructional learning.

By the end of Section 2, you should have completed your 10 classes and started to self master the pilates equipment. The next section is about the exercises.

Section 3: 

The Exercise Manual where you’ll will find a list of all the exercises covered. Each exercise comes with a name, an explanation of set up, description of breathing and how to execute the movement, props used, muscle group, movement, spring tension and benefits. Each description will also come with imagery and cueing for correction There will be modifications of regression (if the exercise is too hard) or progression (if the exercise is too easy). Each exercise comes with pictures and a video explaining the exercise. There is also a hardcopy of the textbook/manual provided to every student with a QR code to scan that will take you directly to each exercise and for you to make notes with.

By the end of section 3, you should have almost completed the 30 hours of self mastery, the 30 hours of shadow teaching/assisting, completed the questionnaires and completed the log books of each and submit to us for verification.

By this stage you should be ready for section 4 – the final assessment. You should have also completed the 13 multiple choice theory assessments from Section 2.

Section 4:

The final assessment. We have provided you with the marking criteria, a how-to guide for video recording the acceptable formats for submission and you will need to submit the final rationale document and class plan to us with the video submission. Allow up to 7 days to mark the video and provide feedback.

Upon successful submission and passing the final assessment, you will be emailed your certificate and ready to teach Reformer Pilates. If you are an Allied Health Practitioner, you should contact your insurance company and add reformer pilates instruction to your cover and can claim up to 15 CEC’s on your professional development.

If you are are not an allied health practitioner, you may need to complete a Certificate III in group fitness before you can obtain insurance. You can check this with your insurer. As this course is aproved by AUSactive, you should join AUSactive as a teacher. You can then contact GUILD Insurance for quotes on Professional Indemnity and Liability Insurance. Do not instruct classes until you have your certification and insurance in place.


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KT Inspiration

kintsugi - to mend what is broken with gold...

KT is inspired by the Japanese term Kintsugi. This is a story about mending a broken teapot with glue but adding gold dust into the glue. The result is taking what was orginally 1 piece, and turning into a stronger and more beautiful piece of everyday equipment. Reformer Pilates at KT Health & Wellness are 50 minute classes that will elongate your body to have you feeling taller and longer, provide a full body workout – you will sweat in our classes – it’s not a chill out session, and will build your strength and endurance while conditioning your core to handle the stress you place through your body on a daily basis.

How is KT different?

Reformer Pilates Instructor Training at KT Health & Wellness provide:

  • A foundation of where, how and why pilates is beneficial for everyone
  • Principles that combine pilates repertoire and everyday training
  • Complete training from warm up, programming, class intensity, exercise correction down to cool down.
  • Classes that help to tone your body, increase your flexibility, work on balance and stability, increase cardiovascular fitness, and shape your body the way you want it to look while providing functional strength to have it perform at its best and how to teach that to every single one of your pilates students
  • Guided cool down and stretch to have you leaving our studio a new, toned and uplifted athlete looking forward to your next class.

kt reformer pilates

There are many variations on how Pilates is taught and practiced. But the at foundation of all Pilates practice, there are a number of common components. Pilates focuses on the core stabilising muscles, spinal alignment, posture, and breathing. It uses exercises and stretches (with or without the use of equipment) to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and self-awareness. Drawing upon relevant clinical research, Reformer Pilates training provides an evidence-based approach to teaching Pilates in the clinical setting. Pilates involves learning a variety of movements addressing lumbopelvic stability, postural education, correct movement patterning, and body awareness.

Reformer Pilates is the closest form of Pilates that mimics what Joseph Pilates originally intended when he created the pilates training program. Back in the Second World War, Joseph would use old hospital bed springs and create resistance training movements for injured soldiers to increase their movement and overall health. Reformer pilates still use springs as both an Ode to Joseph and also they provide a dynamic resistance along the line of direction for the muscle and joint.

What Happens after you ENROL?

You will be asked to create your login details to access the program. You will also be contacted by one of our team to ensure a warm welcome into our pilates program. We are here to help you succeed so please reach out to us at any time.



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