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About KT Reformer Pilates

KT is short for Kintsugi, a Japanese term to describe mending whats broken with Gold. We take this philosophy and apply it to our Reformer Pilates classes and create a body that is stronger, more resilient and amazing.

17+ Years Experience

Instructors who are Osteopaths & Chiropractors

Maximum 10 clients per class


What Our Members Say?

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Illawong, NSW 2234

With no previous reformer experience, I started with KT Health 9 months ago after having spinal surgery 7 months prior. Overtime I developed a strong core supported and strengthened my back. I no longer suffer any back pain and my strength, flexibility and balance has never been so good. The classes have become a huge part of my daily movement and the results inspire me to challenge myself more and more each class. I recommend pilates to anyone, even if you've had surgery or an injury.

reformer pilates menai, menai pilates, pilates in 2234, reformer pilates
Menai, NSW 2234

Reformer Pilates at KT Health has strengthened my muscles and given me more flexibility. It has also helped my shoulder pain from a past rotator cuff injury. The instructors at KT are great at helping me work around my injury and giving alternative exercises. Pilates has helped me understand how my body can function and improve with resistance training. I would recommend KT Health, they have amazing instructors and it has such a great atmosphere.

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