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Welcome to Reformer Pilates at Kt Health & Wellness.

We run 50min classes, from early til late including before and after work. Each class is a hybrid of clinical reformer pilates to strengthen your spine, core stability pilates to make you strong from the inside out and is a full body workout to ensure you become leaner, healthier and curvier where you want to be.

Join us for a 2 class pass and we will throw in a bunch of other things to help you on your way to looking and feeling your best self. 



  • A 1-on-1 Induction Session – with our instructors to introduce you to the reformer, assess your range of motion, diagnose any injuries you may have and set your goals for your pilates sessions to ensure you get the most out of every class (valued at $99)
  • A 2 x Reformer Pilates Class Pass – Access to over 35 classes per week from as early as 5am to as late as 8pm Monday to Sunday. 
  • A Free KT Health Water Bottle – BPA free, filled in our chilled, filtered water station within our studio to keep you hydrated during and after your class (Valued at $15).


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KT Inspiration

kintsugi - to mend what is broken with gold...

KT is inspired by the Japanese term Kintsugi. This is a story about mending a broken teapot with glue but adding gold dust into the glue. The result is taking what was orginally 1 piece, and turning into a stronger and more beautiful piece of everyday equipment. Reformer Pilates at KT Health & Wellness are 50 minute classes that will elongate your body to have you feeling taller and longer, provide a full body workout – you will sweat in our classes – it’s not a chill out session, and will build your strength and endurance while conditioning your core to handle the stress you place through your body on a daily basis.

How is KT different?

Reformer Pilates at KT Health & Wellness provide:

  • Maximum 10 people per class ensuring you get one on one attention and if you have a history if injuries or are currently working through an injury, plenty of variations to rebuild your body and ensure you don’t make your injury worse.
  • A warmup that prepares the entire body for the class it will undertake, tailored to suit the muscle groups you will be using throughout the class
  • A challenging full body workout that is a fusion of strength, conditioning, endurance, lean muscle growth and fat loss while keeping the heart rate up and providing rest breaks when needed.
  • Classes that help to tone your body, increase your flexibility, work on balance and stability, increase cardiovascular fitness, and shape your body the way you want it to look while providing functional strength to have it perform at its best.
  • Guided cool down and stretch to have you leaving our studio a new, toned and uplifted athlete looking forward to your next class.

kt reformer pilates

There are many variations on how Pilates is taught and practiced. But the at foundation of all Pilates practice, there are a number of common components. Pilates focuses on the core stabilising muscles, spinal alignment, posture, and breathing. It uses exercises and stretches (with or without the use of equipment) to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and self-awareness. Drawing upon relevant clinical research, Reformer Pilates provides an evidence-based approach to teaching Pilates in the clinical setting. Pilates involves learning a variety of movements addressing lumbopelvic stability, postural education, correct movement patterning, and body awareness.

Reformer Pilates is the closest form of Pilates that mimics what Joseph Pilates originally intended when he created the pilates training program. Back in the Second World War, Joseph would use old hospital bed springs and create resistance training movements for injured soldiers to increase their movement and overall health. Reformer pilates still use springs as both an Ode to Joseph and also they provide a dynamic resistance along the line of direction for the muscle and joint.

class timetable

KT Health & Wellness offers classes 6 days a week from as early as 5am to as late as 8pm ensuring that there is always a class to suit your busy timetable. See below.

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What Happens after your trial?

If you have loved Pilates, we can discuss with you our ongoing memberships that can be started weekly. Or if you would prefer the convenience, you can grab one of our easy packs to book your classes when it suits you.



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