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Free Resources

Welcome to Illawong Osteo & Chiro. Please find below links to resources that ay help you overcome your pain, rehabilitate your injury, or just general information about common musculoskeletal conditions that we work with a lot at Illawong Osteo.

If you have a different condition that you can’t find any information on, feel free to email us [email protected] and we can send you some information that may be relevant to help you.

How To Make Your Own Back Ball

So, many people had been asking me about what to do if they hurt their back at home.
What can they do to release it?
Is there a quick fix that could at least alleviate some of the pain?
Is there anything that will help them until they can book in to see me?
My answer is to make your own back ball.
And it’s really simple. So I put together this video series below (from a clinic I founded in 2017) to show you how to make one and then I have added extra videos on 

How to use it to alleviate common neck and back pain.

How to Make Your Very Own Back

How To Fix Your Lower Back Pain Using Your Home Made Back Ball

How To Fix Midback Pain Using Your Back

How To Fix Neck Pain Using Your Back Ball

How To Fix Glute Pain Using Your Back Ball

5 More Exercises To Do For Your Back Ball

A word of caution…

Please see someone if this pain is shooting or referring anywhere and always consult your health professional prior to attempting any exercise or rehabilitation. As with all the other legal stuff, these instructional videos do not take into consideration your personal circumstances, nor do they provide medical advice and may or may not be suitable to your specific condition. I have attempted to show you something that is reasonable safe and could get you out of a jam if you have simple musculoskeletal pain. Don’t sue m if these exercises do not help your specific problem but feel free to reach out if you have any muscle or joint pain in your back or anywhere else and I would love to help you out.

Take Care

Dr Luke Madden – Osteopathy

Free Ebook

This is a free ebook I wrote a few years ago. As the title suggests, it is a general guide to healthy living. Feel free to download and have a read.

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