Initial Osteopathic Consultation - KT Health & Wellness - Offers Osteopathy, Reformer Pilates, Infrared Sauna Chiropractic & Remedial Massage in Menai

$99 Initial Osteopathic Treatment

Book an Initial Osteopathic Consultation with Dr Samantha Palmer or Dr Robert Korac and receive:

  • A hands on assessment, identifying the cause of your pain and the tissues involved
  • A Treatment Plan outlining the treatment required, recovery time and rehabilitation program
  • Hands on treatment to alleviate your existing symptoms and restore your body’s normal function
  • A rehabilitation pack containing – theraband pack, water bottle & trigger ball 

All of this retails for $218, however if you book during the month of June, you get all of this for only $99 – plus swipe your health fund card on the spot for your rebate.

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Dr Samantha Palmer

Dr Samantha Palmer completed her Bachelor & Master of Osteopathy at University of Western Sydney. Samantha has extensive experience with paediatric conditions (colic, reflux, skull shaping, latching issues, sleeping issues) as well as ageing populations.

Dr Samantha has an indirect treatment style utilising cranial osteopathy, balancing ligament tensions, articulations and soft tissue release therapy.

This has built Samantha’s reputation in the paediatric and geriatric populations.

If your baby is having any of the issues above or you prefer a gentler approach to your pain, book an Initial Osteopathic Consultation with Dr Samantha today. Dr Samantha is an Osteopath based in Menai inside of KT Health & Wellness. Dr Samantha works Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Dr Robert Korac

After spending many years plying my craft as a sports person, I found myself eventually spending more time in the sheds than on the field. After 4 knee surgeries, several concussions, 3 ligaments torn in my wrist, 2 broken noses and almost everything in between, I decided that helping people would be a far better use of my time. Having seen everyone short of a witch doctor, I found that time and time again going back to the Osteo to fix my issues. I have always found Osteopathy empowered me and focused on what I could do, getting me back to where I wanted to be sooner. This is what I want to offer you.
Honest, straight forward and meaningful solutions to help you get to where you want to be. 
My treatment style is direct and centred around modifying symptoms as quickly as possible, this includes providing soft tissue treatment to the affected and surrounding tissues, joint mobilisations and if deemed appropriate HVLA (cracking). Providing both a long and short term framework for what you can do at home and what we can do to treat your condition is key for best possible outcomes. I love what I do and have a passion for helping provide solutions for both the simple and the complex. Getting people back to work, back to sport, back to doing things they love is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I look forward to working with you.

Why Osteopathic Treatments at KT Health & Wellness?

  • Hands on Healthcare at Every Visit – Utilising over 1000 techniques
  • Heat Packs, Cold Packs, Exercises & Stretches you can do in your own time. if you’re visiting us, we will treat you!
  • Actual management solutions to your pain and dysfunction – not just a bandaid fix
  • A comprehensive health plan to help your body last a lifetime
  • Complete health solutions including nutritional advice, lifestyle modifications, fitness program design and weight management
  • Guided help from immediate pain to complete recovery – every step along the way
  • Not just another treatment provider, a wellness practice that cares
  • Open from 5am to 9pm + weekends
  • A private, boutique and beautiful reformer pilates studio to complete your rehabilitation
  • An Infrared Sauna to maximise recovery, detox your body and improve your health & mood
  • Do you need any more reasons? If so, come and check us out and experience the difference that Osteopathic Treatment at KT Health 7 Wellness can have on your body.
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